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Vintage Yamaha Dealer Clock

Marblesmotors is proud to announce that we have acquired the rights to sell 3 Vintage Yamaha Dealer Clocks. These are exact reproductions almost indistinguishable from the original clocks, Given Only To Yamaha Dealers in 1969 and 1970.

Flash forward to today.

Over 1 year went into faithfully reproducing these clocks with the highest quality materials available and all parts and assembly done right here in the USA. Reproduced directly from the NOS original with vacuum formed panels, extruded aluminum frame and gold anodizing. The clock mechanism is a Synchron and it also includes the operating pinwheel to give the effect of spinning wheels! With it’s modern electrics and materials and being able to turn the wheel and light off and on without affecting the time, these new clocks will easily outlast the originals. The Clock can be suspended from above or attached to a wall with D-Rings provided. Approximate Dimensions are 48″wide x 14″tall x 6″deep.

These easily could pass for New Old Stock. They are that good.

The very few remaining original clocks are highly sought after and bring thousands of dollars on the rare occasion that they change hands. The problem is that the originals are over 40 years old and the white plastic panels are yellowed and cracked, usually falling apart. The electrics are usually broken and worn out and the clocks don’t work. Every kid that went into a Yamaha dealer in the 70’s and stared at the spinning wheels on that DT-1 Enduro remembers it, but the clocks were just not made to last.

Testimonial from Dr. John Barrett.

When I first saw these clocks I had that WOW moment, “Oh my God, I remember these” along with the teenage angst to want that new Yamaha in the dealer’s showroom. How much to I like them? I bought one and have it in my new garage. It is a constant conversation piece because everyone that stops by will ask the same question. “Where did you find one of those clocks?” And then it is generally followed by their story of seeing them in their local Yamaha shop. The assembly and detail on the clock is so clean with timeless design, it could just as easily be in my home, office or business.

This is a perfect addition for your shop or man cave

$1,200 + Shipping

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Weight 20 lbs
Dimensions 60 × 20 × 9 in
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