Welcome to Marbles Motors, a marketplace for information, parts, bike sales and restoration services for vintage motorcycles.  We stock a variety of parts and endeavor to help you with your projects to restore the bikes we all know and love.  My love for the bikes began at an early age and it continues to this day.  Please browse around the website and hopefully you will find a mutual interest in these valuable relics and be determined to relive a bit of the past.

 This site has undergone new renovation allowing you to place orders directly with us online so we may fulfill your order as quickly as possible. For a limited time our old MARBLESMOTORS website will be available for viewing HERE.  

You can always call me directly at 214.686.0044 to order.


We’ve always loved the classics! Let us breath new life into your old bike so it looks and feels like new. We strive to provide quality motorcycle restoration services to fellow enthusiasts.


Our one-of-a-kind vintage motorcycles are just a click away! Visit our in-house shop of bikes rebuilt and restored to their former glory. Fair warning… you may fall in love.


We have the parts that are hard to find. Helping you with your own restorations one muffler at a time. Head on over to our shop to view our selection!


Recreating those hard to find colors on your favorite bike has become increasingly hard, but not anymore! We mix our own colors and know the tricks to making your bike really stand out.

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  • I returned home on leave from Afghanistan almost as excited to see my Marbles Motors-restored SL70 as I was to see my family. I was not disappointed. Randy, you are truly an artist and craftsman. Thanks for making my “first” Honda look better than it did the day in 1971 that my Dad gave it to me as a birthday gift!

    Col. George Reynolds

  • Just wanted to say the paint job was, “freakin’ flawless”.  Enclosed is a picture of the finished project. Thanks again!

    Monte Labatut

  • I would be happy to offer testimonial on the AWESOME paint work you had done for me.

    SL1750-KO Customer

  • I just wanted to drop a quick line to thank you for your assistance in fixing up my original owned 1970 SL100. You helped me source a few parts and and was responsible for the paint job. I bought the bike new in June of 1970 with my own money at age 15. I paid $479.00, with tax, $502.00. It was used hard and put away for 25 years until 2003, when I spent 6 years bringing it back to this condition. I did not strip it down and start a frame-up resto. I just replaced worn parts with NOS […]

    Robert “Beast” Best

  • I would like to thank you for all your help and input you gave me. It was hard work and I learned a lot, thanks again Randy!

    TIm Hare

  • Randy and his team have essentially helped me ‘resurrect’ two motorcycles, and this latest project, a 1975 Kawasaki H1 is now my pride and joy.  The never popular rootbeer brown is a standout color professionally matched by Randy and his team.  Their work is incredible, perfecting even the smallest of details and I recommend them to everyone I know who loves to restore motorcycles correctly

    Brian – Las Vegas, NV

  • Perfect! Perfect paint job,thank you. Feel free to show this on your web page as well. I am currently looking for a new project (1970s 125 mx bike) You will be getting a call for paint work. If you know of a 74 Yz or74 Kx 125 let me know. Thanks again.

    Tom Cox