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Vintage Motorcycle Restoration Services

At Marbles Motors we strive to provide some of the best restorations to your favorite vintage motorcycles. We have several restoration services so feel free to take a look at them here and Contact Us if you have any further questions!

Engine Restoration Service

If you have an engine that you want rebuilt and restored to factory specs, we may just be the place to send it.  There are a lot of variables involved here including availability of parts and gaskets in some cases.  We of course specialize in the Honda engines, but also do the work on other popular bikes.  Best to just contact me with what you have and see if we have the parts to complete the job.

The engines are taken completely apart and are cleaned in an ultrasonic tank which restores the aluminum and cast iron back to their original natural finish.  Most models have their transmission cases just natural aluminum and the barrel’s and side covers are painted.

Bike Restoration Service

If you have a vintage bike that you want restored or refurbished to as-new specifications, contact me and discuss the project with me.  It is difficult to even estimate the price without pictures and a conversation about how you want the bike done.  There are various ways to complete a project and depending upon your necessity of having NOS parts, will greatly affect the price.

You can click on the pictures on this site and see the type of work that I do.  I am not a warehouse of NOS parts and it costs me a lot to do research and trying to buy things for the bikes, so I prefer if you do that legwork.  Also, I do not have unlimited space, so it is best if you collect parts in advance.  Since I have done several of these bikes, I can complete one in relatively short order.