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Base Silver – Aerosol Can – Candy Undercoat


1 Aerosol Can of Matched Base Silver PPG DBC Paint.  

This is a base color when using true “Candy” paint that was used on many of the Japanese motorcycles in the 60’s and 70’s.   Without the base, the end color may not match original.

DISCLAIMER: I have bought many NOS parts painted in the Candy Colors. I can personally tell you that there are discrepancies in the lightness / darkess of the parts. Candy Colors are Transparent, and that means that the more coats you apply, the less of the base coat you see through it and therefore it will appear darker. I always recommend that you paint an entire body kit at the same time or make sure that you have the original piece next to your painter and ask him to be sure not to put too many coats on before checking for a match. Also, anytime there is the existence of a Candy in any of the formula’s, a catalyst or ‘hardener’ must be used. Painting with this type of paint is best left to a professional. Even some of the non-candy colors have an element of candy in them, such as the Light Ruby Red that came on the SL70 K0’s and the SL175K1.