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1971 Honda SL90K Candy Emerald Green #01


1971 Honda SL90K #01.

This is a very unique bike here in the states.  This is a 1971 Honda SL90K Japanese Domestic, which simply means that it was a non-export model sold in Japan.  Apparently they needed a model with less cc’s or less horsepower to meet regulations and they built this off of the SL100 platform.  I only know of a very few of these that exist these days and this one only showed 41 kilometers on the odometer when I got it.  It was hard to believe the mileage until we disassembled the engine and found virtually no wear on the cylinder / piston.  It did have a completed wasted cam journal and that may have been its’ demise back in the day and that may have been why it was preserved.

Unique items include; black frame instead of the traditional silver for the Honda Motosport bikes, center stand, buddy pegs, upswept muffler, smaller carburetor, different air intake boot to mate to carburetor, crossbar handlebars, addition of a tachometer, uses an SL125 headlight bucket to accept the two cables for the instruments, turn signals, unique LH switch assembly to accommodate the turn signal switch, helmet holder, SL90 side cover badges, seat cover much like an SL100 K0, but with a buddy strap, buddy peg perches welded to swingarm, unique routing of the coil wire, license bracket assembly made to hold Japanese license plate, non adjustable headlight (side to side), front headlight ears made to accept turn signals, wiring harness made to accommodate turn signals, bridge rectifier and 6v turn signal flasher, reflective tape stripe on front fender and all decals in Japanese writing.