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Friends and Their Bikes – Vol. 3

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Miles Albertson CL360 03 Miles Albertson CL360 02 Miles Albertson CL360 01

Miles Albertson just completed another beautiful restoration.  His 1975 CL350 in Candy Topaz Orange really looks nice with all the chrome and brightwork.  Great job Miles and paint by Marblesmotors.

3Wheeler75004 3Wheeler75002 3Wheeler75003 3Wheeler75001

Ok, so Tim LaVoie is working on another crazy hot rod.  I thought 3 Wheelers were dangerous enough with a 250cc engine.

Tim Hare SL350 K1 01 Tim Hare SL350 K1 02

Tim Hare SL350 K1
Well I finally got the Honda done and it’s off to the shop to let the guys get it up and running. I would like to thank you for all your help and input you gave me. It was hard work and I learned a lot, again Randy thanks and I hope you and your family have a great 4th of July..

CB400F Golf Cart

Allan Paloutzian from Ocean City, Ca uses his CB400F as a way to transport his golf clubs.