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1 Pint of matched color

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1 Pint of custom matched color

Each of the colors we sell have been carefully matched to original parts and the formula’s are carefully guarded secrets. We offer paint supplies for Vintage Motorcycles including Honda’s, Kawasaki’s, Yamaha’s and Suzuki’s and others. Perfect matches for the non-existent Candy and Metallic Colors that make or break a restoration effort. These colors have been elusive as Candy paints are not that popular these days, but we’ve managed to get the most popular colors matched and are now offering them along with the proper base color and catalyst that creates the original look of the bikes. If you don’t see your color listed below and have a good representative part, I can do the matching process and provide you with the paint. Please be aware that the only shipping option for paint is via FedEx ground. If you order and pay by Friday Noon, the paint is mixed and shipped the next week.


Unfortunately I have no way to ship paint supplies out of the country. It is illegal to ship them with the USPS.  (YOU CAN PURCHASE QUARTS AND PINTS ON EBAY THROUGH THEIR GLOBAL SHIPPING PROGRAM)

DISCLAIMER: I have bought many NOS parts painted in the Candy Colors. I can personally tell you that there are discrepancies in the lightness / darkess of the parts. Candy Colors are Transparent, and that means that the more coats you apply, the less of the base coat you see through it and therefore it will appear darker. I always recommend that you paint an entire body kit at the same time or make sure that you have the original piece next to your painter and ask him to be sure not to put too many coats on before checking for a match. Also, anytime there is the existence of a Candy in any of the formula’s, A “Base” color (typically a low metallic silver) as well as a catalyst or ‘hardener’ must be used. You can find further information in my “FAQ” section under “Paint”.  Painting with this type of paint is best left to a professional. Even some of the non-candy colors have an element of candy in them, such as the Light Ruby Red that came on the SL70 K0’s and the SL175K1.

Colors:  Honda Candy Sapphire Blue | Honda Candytone Blue | Honda Strato Blue Metallic | Honda Aquarius Blue | Honda Marina Blue | Honda Candy Blue Green | Honda Candy Riviera Blue | Yamaha Brigade Blue | Yamaha French Blue | Yamaha Baja Brown | Honda Candy Emerald Green | Honda Tortoise Green | Honda Sprout Green | Kawasaki Glacier Green | Honda Expert Green | Suzuki Morrow Green | Kawasaki Diamond Dark Green | Yamaha Competition Green | Honda Candy Gold | Honda Candy Panther Gold | Honda Z50 Ivory | Honda Rubber Grey Metallic | Honda Candy Topaz Orange | Honda Mars Orange | Suzuki Strip Orange | Yamaha Candy Orange | Honda Daytona Orange | Yamaha Desert Orange | Kawasaki Purple | Yamaha Candy Purple | Honda Candy Ruby Red | Honda Candytone Red | Honda Light Ruby Red | Honda Monza Red | Honda Candy Antares Red | Honda Tahitian Red | Yamaha Brilliant Red | Honda Fire Red | Honda Special Silver Metallic | Honda Low Metallic Silver | Honda Silver Base (Candy) | Honda Cloud Silver (SL Frame) | Honda Bright Yellow | Honda Mexican Yellow | Honda Parakeet Yellow | Yamaha Competition Yellow | Honda Summer Yellow | Honda Candy Yellow | Honda Poppy Yellow Metallic | Honda Excel Black | Yamaha Fender Silver | Honda SL Frame Silver | Honda Custom Silver Metallic | Honda Planet Blue | Yamaha Metallic Purple | Honda Scarlet Red | Honda Z50 QA50 Ivory | Yamaha Silver Dust | Yamaha Fender Silver | Kawasaki Candy Green (H1) | Yamaha Silver Base for Candy Orange | Suzuki Daytona Blue | Gloss Black | Honda Daytona Orange | Yamaha Candy Green | Yamaha Base Silver | Kawasaki Poppy Yellow | Suzuki TM Yellow | Honda CT90 Grey | Yamaha Virginia Gold

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1 Pint

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Honda Candy Sapphire Blue, Honda Candytone Blue, Honda Strato Blue Metallic, Honda Candy Blue Green, Honda Aquarius Blue, Honda Marina Blue, Honda Candy Riviera Blue, Yamaha Brigade Blue, Yamaha French Blue, Yamaha Baja Brown, Honda Candy Emerald Green, Honda Tortoise Green, Honda Sprout Green, Kawasaki Glacier Green, Honda Expert Green, Suzuki Morrow Green, Kawasaki Diamond Dark Green, Kawasaki Competition Green, Honda Candy Gold, Honda Candy Panther Gold, Honda Z50 Ivory, Honda Rubber Grey Metallic, Yamaha Mandarin Orange, Honda Candy Topaz Orange, Honda Mars Orange, Suzuki Strip Orange, Yamaha Candy Orange, Suzuki Daytona Blue, Yamaha Desert Orange, Kawasaki Purple, Yamaha Candy Purple, Honda Candy Ruby Red, Honda Candytone Red, Honda Light Ruby Red, Honda Monza Red, Honda Candy Antares Red, Honda Tahitian Red, Yamaha Brilliant Red, Honda Fire Red, Honda Special Silver Metallic, Yamaha Fender Silver, Honda Base Silver, Honda Cloud Silver (SL Frame), Yamaha Pearl White, Honda Bright Yellow, Honda Mexican Yellow, Honda Parakeet Yellow, Yamaha Competition Yellow, Yamaha Pearl Yellow, Honda Summer Yellow, Honda Candy Yellow, Honda Poppy Yellow Metallic, Honda Bacchus Olive, Honda Custom Silver Metallic, Honda Planet Blue, Yamaha Metallic Purple, Honda Scarlet Red, Honda Z50 QA50 Ivory, Yamaha Silver Dust, Yamaha Fender Silver, Kawasaki Candy Green (H1), Yamaha Silver Base for Candy Orange, Suzuki Daytona Blue, Gloss Black, Honda Daytona Orange, Yamaha Candy Green, Yamaha Base Silver, Kawasaki Poppy Red, Suzuki TM Yellow, Honda CT90 Gray, Yamaha Virginia Gold, Husky Husqvarna Frame Silver