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  •   1 Aerosol Can of Matched Base Silver PPG DBC Paint.  This is a base color when using true "Candy" paint that was used on many of the Japanese motorcycles in the 60's and 70's.   Without the base, the end color may not match original.   

  •     1 Can of Aerosol matched color $35  depending upon color  Choose the color to add to cart. Paints are custom blended at time of order, please allow 7-10 days for delivery.  WARNING:   IF THE PAINT YOU ARE PURCHASING IS A "CANDY", THEN IT REQUIRES A "BASE" COLOR UNDERNEATH.  CALL WITH ANY QUESTIONS BEFORE ORDERING. …

  •   1 Aerosol Can of Matched Honda Cloud Silver PPG DBC Paint.  This is a 2-stage paint and will require clear over the top.  This particular color was used on many of the Honda SL Motorsport series bikes and also on the CT70 and Z50 Wheels.  Also used on early Honda Scrambler Fenders and Tanks.…

  • Honda MT Engine Paint - Brown'ish.  Engine Cover Paint.  Available in Aerosol Cans.  Requires Clearcoat.  Note:  This is not high heat paint.