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  • MR50E-1029918 Complete restoration finished in Daytona Orange / Black.   Rebuilt Engine, New Plastics and Paint.

  • CR250M-1022152 CR250ME-1025196 Awesome Restoration on First Year CR250M.   Beautiful Aluminum tank.  No dents.............those are reflections

  • CR125M-1015539 CR125ME-1025673 Awesome restoration on first year CR125M.

  • First year Honda RC51.  100% original with the exception of the mufflers and the originals are sitting in my attic. Low miles and in perfect condition.  Title in hand.

  • VIN# CT70-2043885 PRICE REDUCED !!!!! Candy Yellow Special Probably one of most well preserved CT70's you will ever find and just over 500 original miles.  Bike has only the tiniest of flaws throughout and appears to retain 100% of its' original parts (aside from the battery).   Everything is original down to the tires and the…

  • JH2PC0304CM001240 PRICE REDUCED !!!!! Very Rare 1 Year Model, Honda CX500T Turbo. Twin 500cc with turbo power and full fairing made this a game changer as the Japanese manufacturers were all hitting the market with turbo bikes to bring back the performance standard to smaller displacement bikes. This bike is all complete and original with…

  • Special Silver and Expert Green with Black trim this one would be a perfect addition to your man cave.  Be sure to check out the custom CR50 air cleaner decal.

  • CB750-2541437 Well preserved original Honda CB750 Superbike.   No evidence of repaint or major repairs.  Clock shows 20k miles and the engine runs well and the lights/horn/signals work as they should.   Mild petina as you would expect for a 40+ year old bike including a crack in the LH side cover.   Sale of…

  • VIN# Z50A-325856 Candy Sapphire Blue Beautifully restored Z50 K2 in Candy Sapphire Blue, runs well, lights work and in very nice presentable shape.

  • XR75-1008660 Restored first year Honda XR75 K0.

  • PRICE REDUCED !!!!! Fully restored SL125 K2 in Special Silver and Charcoal.  Rebuilt engine, running and riding bike with Title in hand.

  • **NOT FOR SALE** - Part of my private collection VIN #Z50A-221212 Restored to a very high standard with many NOS parts including the seat.